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What's included?

  • 1 New Domain Name or Bring your Domain with you

  • Free Limited Support

  • Ecommerce "Online Shopping Cart System" 100% Commission FREE!

  • Get Connected to Google Instantly after your Quick SEO Setup

  • 1 Free Design it yourself Logo with the Wix Logo Maker

  • Google Analytics

  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth

  • 35GB Storage

  • 10 Video Hours


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Terms & Conditions

$500 Setup Fee is non-negotiable + Starting at $60 for your First Month of Service. This Sometimes may be waived With a Coupon Code .

You DO NOT OWN the Template Site. The Domain Name & All Services are Sole Property of ParadiseDesign & Platform Web Sites Can not be Transferred to any other Online Web Editor or Hosting!

We can not Transfer any Externally Hosted Web Site into your Account. "If you have an existing Web Site and Do not wish to Purchase a Template Site and need assistance with Migrating your External Web Site into The Wix,com Platform Please Click Here!

ParadiseDesign will not Transfer Ownership of any Template Sites to your Personal Account.

Missed Payments will result in a Temporary Disconnection of the Domain Name Connected to your Template Site after 7 Business days since your missed monthly payment. After your Site has been Disconnected for Non-Payment if your wish to reactivate your Template Site there will be a $60  Reactivation Fee + the $60 monthly Payment. Also Any Addon Services & Features will need to be paid for also. You May choose to skip a month and pickup where you left off, We will not delete or erase your Template Site Within 30 Days. After 30 Days We Reserve the right to Consider The Template Site Abandoned and Will Delete or Erase your Template Site and all its Contents.

You May Call 1-866-257-8434 to Discuss a Payment Arrangement if you qualify to Keep your Template Site Active past the 30 Day Mark. 

We Do Not Issue any Refunds! These are Pre-Built Template Web Sites Powered by the Platform. They are what you see what you get "WYSWYG". Your are responsible to Customize & Design your Template Site to suit your Unique needs! Our Limited Support covers Connecting your Domain Name, Troubleshooting Domain Related Problems, Main Site Problems, Feature Issues that are included with your Template Site, We Do Not Design your Template Site for you! ParadiseDesign Offers Addon Services & Features such as: Wix Ascend, Bookings, Wix Hotels, Wix Restaurants, Email Marketing, Automation's, Corvid "Wix Code", Workflow and Web Design Services. If you are having Difficulties and would like to purchase Web Design Assistance you may contact Sales: 1-866-257-8434 EXT 2.

ParadiseDesign Template Sites are Powered by the Platform and must adhere to the Terms of Use set by Please View Terms of Use Here: Wix Terms of Use

By Proceeding you are Agreeing to Our Terms & Conditions

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